Cleantech: The change, it had to come

Private sector pumping hundreds of billions into cleantech

Key quote, referring to a UN report

“Increasingly, combating climate change is being perceived as an opportunity rather than a burden and a path to a new kind of prosperity as opposed to a brake on profits and employment,” said the report, which credits the emerging “green” economy with “driving invention and innovation on a scale not seen since perhaps the industrial revolution.”

Yes! The fear and the resistance to change is becoming a thing of the past. The companies that get it will invest big time in cleantech and some will become the next ExxonMobil. (It’s a given that the reactionary dinosaur that is ExxonMobil will not be the next ExxonMobil. But rather that some upstart cleantech company will dethrone them. Heck, it might even be the spawn of that does it…)

Equally important is that business now sees global warming and cleantech this as opportunity, and indeed, an entire new economic structure for the planet may result because of this. Locally-produced decentralized power will be a large part of the solution, and as that happens, political structures will become decentralized too.


  1. What you say about Exxon-Mobil’s impending demise is likely true. But it’s interesting to note that two foreign oil giants, BP and (Dutch) Shell, have been in solar and other alternative energy for years.

  2. Absolutely. Some of the big OilCos do get it. So does GE, who is a leader in wind power.

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