Republican lawmaker gets it on global warming

Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) speaks to Focus The Nation on] how we can turn the potential hard hit of climate change into the “triple play of another American century” by cleaning the air, creating jobs, and reducing oil dependency for national security. The real surprise was his likening of EPA regulations to biblical law in their mutual support for stewardship of the earth.

Such a triple play would create a good century for the planet not just America. But it would certainly help us too.

I think Inglis is pioneering new ground and has caught on to a bigger idea here about how the US can revitalize its leadership potential — even if we are waving goodbye to hegemony — when he suggests we can no longer afford to look like “the fat cats who really don’t care.”

This guy gets it way better than most Democrats… Global warming can be a catalyst to create serious, long-lasting, and needed change.


  1. He’s not the only one. I just listened to a Bill Moyers story about West Virginia and the destruction of the mountains for coal. There is a strong religious green movement starting there. They are quoting stewardship passages from the bible etc.

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