Shell Oil on global warming

global warming

Blueprints or the scramble, that’s how Shell Oil sees our global warming future. Blueprints are global agreements like Kyoto while the scramble is every country for themselves. They clearly favor Blueprints. Hey, wars for energy resources are bad for business. Humans too.

One unsettling point they make is that in the short term we will probably emit more carbon as we use existing technology to invent low- or no-carbon energy and also deal with increased population growth. They also say, yes, cheap easily obtainable oil is running out.

From their CEO.

The world faces a long voyage before it reaches a low-carbon energy system. Companies can suggest possible routes to get there, but governments are in the driving seat. And governments will determine whether we should prepare for a bitter competition or a true team effort.

Are they squeaky green? No. They think fossil fuels will continue to be used for a good long time but that renewables will increasingly take over. This may well turn out to be true.

The trend continues. Major multi-nationals corporations are accepting that global warming is real and are looking for solutions too. Such solutions will not be found without their expertise and financial resources. And with Shell favoring Blueprints over the Scramble, they clearly favor governments taking the lead and rather than unrestricted capitalism.