The United Republic of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Utopia

In a major initiative, Wal-Mart will be mandating that its suppliers deliver cheap, green electronics by 2010. They have the clout to force such changes too. Thus, manufacturers of applicances, air conditioners, etc. will need to insure their products are Energy-Star and squeaky green if they want to sell to the behemoth that is Wal-Mart.

One day, Wal-Mart may even be selling EVs you can re-charge with wind turbines in their parking lots. Yes, they are thinking big. Huge, in fact.

But there’s more. From Ecogeek.

[Walmart] CEO Lee Scott says that we live in a world where we no longer have faith in the government to make positive changes. So Wal-Mart is making that change their responsibility.

It’s great that they’re working to be a more environmental company. But does this sound kinda scary to anyone else? Almost like we’re on the edge of being governed more by corporations than by government?

That’s precisely what’s happning. This is a tenet of Fourth Generation Warfare. As the state becomes hollowed out, private corporations will fill the void. This is an unavoidable process, so it behooves us to do our best to make them responsive to us. Seriously. (Even more so with the military counterparts to Wal-Mart like Blackwater, et al.)

So, on one hand, this is kinda scary. But on the other, it’s clear that huge corporations genuinely get it now about renewable energy and energy conservation. And may well force our governments to do the same.