Moving billions of people on a still-green planet

Shanghai maglev train
(Shaghai maglev train)

Fortunately, during the next century we may be able to afford green mobility. In fact, we can clearly see its elements: cars, powered by fuels cells; aeroplanes, powered by hydrogen; and maglevs, powered by electricity, probably nuclear. The future looks clean, fast, and green.

Yes, such a future is possible. I get so freaking tired of reading predictions for the future filled with gloom, saying we’ll live sharply reduced lifestyles and this will be our penance for our wanton, profligate ways. You want to live in a yurt? Great, but spare me the Old Testament moralizing about how we deserve to be doomed. Instead, let’s do as this NYT blog post details, figure out clean, green ways to do what we need to get done. Moving large numbers of people with clean, renewable energy mass transit would be a huge step forward – and it can be done.