Phantom energy loads

smart power strip

Even when electrical devices are off or on standby, they still draw electricity, a wasteful practice indeed. We need smarter devices that truly turn themselves off.

Jetson Green runs the numbers, showing how much energy is wasted. One example

-It’s estimated that only 5% of the power drawn by cell phone chargers is actually used to charge phones, so the other 95% is waste when left plugged in.

So, only charge when needed, turn computers and monitors off when not being used, and turn power strips off after turning the computers off, else they’d still be draining power.

Yes, that’s right. Computers and many other devices will draw power even when turned off. But they can’t if the power strip is off.

Happily, power strips are getting smarter (see image)

Plug your PC into the main socket, and then plug your printer, scanner, monitor etc into the other sockets. When you turn off your computer, the smart unit shuts the power off to the other sockets. Saves power from constantly-on transformers, saves the environment, and saves lives from electrical fires caused by overheated DC adaptors.

Yeah, what is it with power adaptors that generate heat even if the device isn’t plugged into them? That is so last-century. Ditto for a different adaptor for each device. Seems to me that standardized chargers could be made for a class of devices, like cell phones, thus simplifying recharging and cutting down of the number used (and left plugged into the wall, draining energy)