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  1. The sad part here is that such an insurgency was not only predictable, but long overdue. Our ally there in the fight for democracy, “President” Musharraf, is a military dictator who siezed power in a coup d’etat. And while he may favor U.S. goals (we support his dictatorship after all), his constituency definitely does not.

    Worse, as even BBC acknowledges, Musharraf has either encouraged or tacitly allowed the insurgency in order to divert attention from his manipulation of the judiciary and other issues on which the various opposition groups could join together to demand democracy.

    Here is a prime example of the leader of a state creating (or exacerbating) a conflict on order to extend and increase his hold on power, at the expense of the health of the state. That this might nor work in the long run, but in the short run it’s a slam dunk. Is it what’s best for Pakistan? Hell no. Is it what’s best for Musharraf? He certainly seems to think so.

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