Leftie bloggers

I met Tim Malczynski (Democratic Left Infoasis) yesterday at the demo. He recognized me from the photo of Dave Buccola (The Blue Voice) and I at the student march April 15.

Any other SoCal leftie bloggers out there who also go to demos? Hey, sitting home blogging can be worthwhile and fun, but getting in the street is orders of magnitude more exciting…

Eli Stephens (Left I on the News) sure goes to demos in San Jose.


  1. Even people who don’t know what I look like, which is pretty much everyone, would have had a good chance to recognize me at the San Jose demo yesterday, since I was one of less than 10 Anglos (every one of whom I knew) at the demonstration! I may be exxagerating, but not by much!

  2. There were definitely not that many white folks out there yesterday. But it seemed to me that there were more than at the previous immigrant rights marches.

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