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Polizeros podcast. Delusional Democrats. Scrambling Republicans

Last nights podcast with Keith Boyea and myself focused on the increasing obvious corruption and erosion of civil rights, as typified by Obama and Democratic congress members not loudly and strongly opposing Sen. McCain’s noxious attempt to allow the military to indefinitely detain citizens. Aren’t Democrats supposed to champion civil liberties? Instead, Keith said the […]

Report from Occupy Wall Street. Podcast

Listen to the podcast on BlogTalkRadio. Talking with David Buccola, who was there all day yesterday for the massive Shutdown Wall Street protests. Police craziness. Shutting down Zuccotti one day then kettling people in the next. But then tens of thousands came. This was far too many for them to control. The “99%” and other […]

Podcast. Direct from Zuccotti Park with David Buccola

The protesters are back in Zuccotti Park, festive and happy, with a huge Shut Down Wall Street planned for Thursday. David Buccola reports from Zuccotti. Blooomberg and NYPD are the best organizers OWS could evr have. BlogTalkRadio podcast (20 min.)

Polizeros podcast tonight. Occupy, Eurozone, Paterno, Iran

Join David Buccola, reporting on Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sothebys (he’s active in both) as well as Keith Boyea, maybe Josh Mull, and myself. We’ll discuss OWS, the worsening financial crisis in Europe, Joe Paterno, and bombing Iran. Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing […]

Polizeros Radio tonight

Topics: Occupy Wall Street and Oakland, Eurozone debt crisis and the 50% Greek bond haircut, 2012 elections, Libya asking NATO to stay until end of year.. Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:00 PM PT (9:00 PM […]

Polizeros radio tonight. Occupy Wall Street

Tonight we discuss the continued growing support for Occupy Wall Street, which is coming from all sides of the political spectrum and making the plundering class quite nervous indeed. Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:00 PM […]

Polizeros podcast tonight

Concluding our three-part discussion of solutions. Foreign Policy reforms: A resurgent Peace Corps so that practical things can again be done by people who don’t carry guns, ending wars and occupations that don’t address core interests, realistic “future threat” and “core interest” assessments, not always reaching for the bigger hammer as soon as possible. Divest […]

Polizeros podcast. Domestic reforms

Continuing our discussion about solutions! Domestic reforms Cut unemployment drastically, probably by a real job plan that employs millions. View Energy, Transportation, and Housing as an integrated issue by simultaneously: Investing in nationwide freight rail and high-speed rail in regions where it is best suited. Investing in nuclear energy now, even though it has a […]

The perkily optimistic Polizeros podcast

Our first solutions-oriented show last night focused on political reform. What do we need to do to get real change in the country? We focused on ideas, not bashing. We need a populist party, maybe several of them. To be successful and gain real power, they need a definable agenda. Campaign finance reform is a […]

Polizeros Perky Podcast tonight. Talking about solutions!

No more kvetching! Tonight we’ll be talking about solutions to political, domestic, and foreign policy issues. Join us! Fellow co-host Keith Boyea sums it up: We’ve noticed that our discussions have sometimes degenerated into “bitch sessions,” so instead of complaining about things, we wanted to do an episode where we talked about potential solutions. He […]

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