Polizeros podcast. Delusional Democrats. Scrambling Republicans

Last nights podcast with Keith Boyea and myself focused on the increasing obvious corruption and erosion of civil rights, as typified by Obama and Democratic congress members not loudly and strongly opposing Sen. McCain’s noxious attempt to allow the military to indefinitely detain citizens. Aren’t Democrats supposed to champion civil liberties? Instead, Keith said the word was Obama might veto it, but only because it gives Congress power the White House reserves for itself. The loudest protest against this came from Sen. Rand Paul and not from liberals, who for the most part were astonishingly mute. This Orwellian measure passed in a Democratic Congress too, something which should, but probably won’t, make even the most rabid Democrats consider their support for the party.

If George Bush acted this, we continued discussing, the liberal blogosphere would be screaming. But apparently shredding of rights is ok if a Democrat is in power. I explained how this got taken to almost comical extremes when Crooks and Liars attacked Naomi Wolf‘s saying DHS (and by implication Obama) was behind the obviously concerted crackdown on OWS, that this was not only horribly wrong but that Wolf (oh the horror) “intentionally tried to stir the fires of anger and discontent and anti-government sentiment on an international level,” as if something was wrong with that. WTF?

This shows how tepid liberal protest can be and how locked into the Democratic Party it is. My post criticizing C&L was flamed by Mike Finnigan who said I threw John Amato under the bus as proof of my own unshakeable ‘integrity’. I had no idea integrity was something to be mocked nor that I could throw John under the bus. Dang but these liberals do get crazy in defending Obama and the Democrats, don’t they? (I should note that I’ve known Amato and Finnigan since long before blogging.) All of this, we agreed, shows the increasing uselessness of the two parties, neither of which want real change and exist primarily by saying the other side is worse than them.

Keith pondered the Republican race with its ever-changing array of candidates who pop up only to self-destruct. We both agreed Gingrich is a pompus gasbag with Keith thinking Republicans will start to line up behind Romney soon.

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