Report from Occupy Wall Street. Podcast

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Talking with David Buccola, who was there all day yesterday for the massive Shutdown Wall Street protests. Police craziness. Shutting down Zuccotti one day then kettling people in the next. But then tens of thousands came. This was far too many for them to control.

The “99%” and other slogans projected on the Verizon Building as marchers crossed the Brooklyn Bridge was inspirational, made even more so by it coming from an apartment in the projects. When the mom in the apartment saw what was being projected, she refused to take the agreed upon payment, saying this was for the people!

At one point 30,000 were watching live streaming simultaneously from theother99 on Ustream who had over 700,000 unique views. This shows the power of social media. He said cops backed off from him when they saw the live streaming.

Most important, this movement is everywhere now. Support it in your community or start one of your own.