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Occupy jumps the shark, offers pre-paid debit card

This is not from The Onion. An Occupy offshoot is offering a debit card. Hoo boy, that’ll really force the banksters to their knees. And make people wonder, WTF Occupy? The Occupy Money Cooperative will provide people with access to low cost financial services. The first service will be The Occupy Card. It’s a low […]

Adam Greene and Morgan Gliedman are “well-to-do junkies”

My initial suspicions were correct. Adam Greene and Morgan Gliedman who were arrested in Greenwich Village over the weekend on weapons and explosives charges with him being semi-linked to Occupy, are probably just idle rich drug addicts. ‘It looks like they’re junkies, well-to-do junkies, not terrorists,’ said a police source. Gliedman went into labor while […]

Occupy for President: 2012 and Beyond

The 2012 presidential race bears no trace of Occupy or the militancy it spawned among Chicago teachers and Wal Mart workers. This is no accident — the U.S. political system is a machine, and this machine smothers militancy. The ugly inner workings of the Democratic part of that machine were briefly exposed when a televised […]

Occupy and Black Bloc debate on violence and nonviolence

In the immediacy of mass protest and non-violent civil disobedience, how can one differentiate between the disruptive violence of Black Bloc anarchists and the disruptive violence of undercover police agent provocateurs? “The Black Bloc anarchists… are the cancer of the Occupy movement,” wrote Chris Hedges in Truthdig, calling them “a gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state.” […]

Imagine 200 Occupy Candidates This Year…

Imagine 200 Occupy candidates running for Congress this year –- independent of the Democrats and Republicans. Imagine if these candidates were not careerist politicians, but activists and ordinary people, running as accountable representatives of a real, fighting movement of the 99%. Imagine homeowners who are facing foreclosure running against local sheriffs, and pledging to stop […]

It’s time for an American Spring

Dennis Perrin says the changes happening across the world may happen here too in the form of an American Spring.  The world is changing and morphing fast. The US, as usual, doesn’t get it and arrograntly assumes the world must be in our image and follow our dictates. Good luck with that. I’m not blind to […]

Rent Strike in Sunset Park, Queens

First published here. My local Occupy group, Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park, has been immersed in a local struggle, a rent strike in a series of buildings on 46th street in this Brooklyn neighborhood. Here are some of the flyers we’ve been producing for the actions. The strike has been receiving terrific media coverage and terrific support […]

Where Is Occupy Wall Street Going?

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Andrew Sernatinger (A.S.) with Pham Binh (P.B.) of Occupy Wall Street for Solidarity’s Web zine. A.S.: Where is the Occupy movement going now, especially with general elections on the horizon? David Graeber, the anarchist anthropologist, has shrugged off concerns that the movement is toast now that […]

Doctor Hedges misdiagnoses the Decline of Occupy

The police have raided many of the encampments across the country. Protests and actions called by Occupy are declining in number, with reduced participation. Workers and marginalized people, like the homeless, who were initially drawn to Occupy have, in many instances, departed. It is discouraging, and someone or some people must be responsible. Chris Hedges has […]

I.W.W. Advice to Occupy Oakland

It’s quite an exercise in arrogance when the Little Union that Can’t (Industrial Workers of the World) wants to dole out advice to the most popular and dynamic social movement we’ve seen in decades. This article, written by John Reimann of the San Francisco Bay area general membership branch of the I.W.W. illustrates just how out of […]

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