Occupy jumps the shark, offers pre-paid debit card


This is not from The Onion. An Occupy offshoot is offering a debit card. Hoo boy, that’ll really force the banksters to their knees. And make people wonder, WTF Occupy?

The Occupy Money Cooperative will provide people with access to low cost financial services. The first service will be The Occupy Card. It’s a low cost, full featured pre-paid debit card with a transparent fee structure.

The always savvy Dangerous Minds is not impressed.

Since the Occupy Card will still charge ATM fees for withdrawals and inquiries, what advantage does it really have? Why on earth would they launch an autonomous project with so many cooperatives and credit unions that can take deposits and offer loans already around? Many credit unions already offer prepaid cards, so why not work with existing institutions instead of creating an inferior one from scratch?