Adam Greene and Morgan Gliedman are “well-to-do junkies”

susan gliedman

My initial suspicions were correct. Adam Greene and Morgan Gliedman who were arrested in Greenwich Village over the weekend on weapons and explosives charges with him being semi-linked to Occupy, are probably just idle rich drug addicts.

‘It looks like they’re junkies, well-to-do junkies, not terrorists,’ said a police source.

Gliedman went into labor while being arrested, was rushed to a hospital, and gave birth to a presumably heroin-addicted daughter. As to why they had a tiny bit of explosives and guns, including a sawed-off Mossberg (which is almost certainly illegal to possess in New York City), police said they had a twisted idea of what’s cool.

Officers were tipped off about the explosives by someone who met Gliedman and Greene in Washington Square Park. The couple invited the informant to their apartment to take a shower, which is when he spotted the weapons.

I guarantee this had something to do with drugs.