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Mortgage securitization. Charting who owns a home

Dan Edstrom is an expert in charting such relationships and it took him a year to find out who actually owned his home. Note the “Black Hole” on the right side near the top. Apparently some details are unknowable, even to an expert. Such a deranged system of mortgage securitization is error-prone, obviously way too […]

Janet Tavakoli: “Biggest fraud in the history of capital markets”

Thousands of bank execs went to prison during the S&L crisis of the 1980’s. Not a single bankster has yet during this current debacle. In fact, virtually none have even been criminally charged. This is a disgrace, a subversion of justice, and an obvious corruption of the legal system. We need thousands of criminal prosecutions […]

Foreclosure-gate. Rampant criminality and fraud

Obama vetoed the odious save-the-banksters foreclosure bill. See Mr. President, it’s just not that hard to oppose the banksters. You should do it more often. Grayson sends letter to Geithner, Bernanke demanding foreclosure freeze, warns of systemic bank failure risk The bank failure could happen because the trusts supposedly holding the mortgages may not have […]

Did the dog eat Florida foreclosure summons filings?

Naked Capitalism thinks not. Homes in Florida seized without Notice of Foreclosure: Suspiciously large number of “the dog ate my summons” filings What are the odds that these “lost” notices reflect legitimate lost documents, as opposed to failure to provide proper notice at all and lying to the court after the fact? The sheer volume […]

Docx price sheet for falsifying mortgage documents

This is a smoking gun. There better be criminal prosecutions on this. 4closeurefraud broke the story and posted the the Docx price sheet on Scribd Naked Capitalism comments A bombshell has dropped in mortgage land. We finally have some concrete proof of how widespread document fabrication was. Not only are there prices up for creating, […]

Fraudulent bank foreclosures. Will anyone be criminally indicted?

A friend of mine notes the wave of fraudulent foreclosures, foreclosures where firms simply faked the paperwork needed to prove they have standing to foreclose (that they actually own the mortgage.) There have been some moves to stem the fraud, not the least of which is by Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum, but those who […]

Forensic Financial Partners. What Sue is doing now

Sue is now associated with Forensic Financial Partners. Forensic Financial Partners, LLC provides financial advisory services to government agencies, financial institutions, and counsel. Our skills and background uniquely qualify us to manage large investigations while charting political minefields when pursuing claims against third parties, such as directors, officers, investors, and large builders. Services and expertise […]

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