Mortgage fraud settlement a slap on wrist, pushed by Obama

The mortgage fraud settlement for $25 billion is pennies on the dollar, ignores rampant criminality that went on for years, and was pushed for hard by Obama, who never met a banksters he didn’t want to protect. There’s no need to bother with quaint concepts like rule of law when banksters need their crimes ignored. Obama is always willing to oblige them.

Remember robosigning and the whole fraudclosure scandal? In a few days you can forget it. Because in America, the cost of contractual rights was just announced, and it is $25 billion: this is the amount of money that banks will pay to settle the fact that for years mortgages were issued and re-issued without proper title and liens on the underlying paper, courtesy of Linda Green et al. Why is this happening? Because staunch hold outs for equitable justice (at least until this point), the AGs of NY and California folded like cheap lawn chairs (we can’t wait to find what corner office of Bank of America they end up in), but not before the one and only intervened.

From the WSJ: “The Obama administration made a full-court press over the past four days to secure the support of key state attorneys general, including those from Florida, California and New York.” Nothing like a little presidential persuasion to help one with overcoming one’s conscience. Because in America the push to abrogate the very foundation of contractual agreements comes from the very top.