Foreclosure-gate. Rampant criminality and fraud

Obama vetoed the odious save-the-banksters foreclosure bill. See Mr. President, it’s just not that hard to oppose the banksters. You should do it more often.

Grayson sends letter to Geithner, Bernanke demanding foreclosure freeze, warns of systemic bank failure risk

The bank failure could happen because the trusts supposedly holding the mortgages may not have legal authority to hold them or foreclose. And that could knock over a very lon chain of dominos indeed.

Economist Tom Lawler: Foreclosure-Gate: Who Will, and who should pay?

It is crystal clear that the “right” answer should be that mortgage servicers who messed up should bear all of the costs associated with their mess up.

Not without a fight, apparently. But I bet this ruling gets overturned on appeal. And it does not pass the smell test, IMHO.

Florida’s attorney general has no authority to investigate or discipline one of the state’s large foreclosure law firms, a Palm Beach County judge ruled Monday.

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    Big Wall Street Banksters created the Foreclose Economy because they are that greedy and “Too Big to Care” about the American Dream and basic Contract Law. It was done by design and with treasonous and willful intent strictly for power and profit.

    The Illegal Securitized Mortgages that became the death blow to our economy actually bet on the foreclosure of the homeowner for as much as a 30 times return on investment. This is true financial terrorism. It is actually better for the investor to foreclose than to help someone stay in their home.

    Want to know how easy it is to fix this problem? Crash all of the Big Banks now and fund local banks only that serve to enrich local economies only. Look at the example of the state owned banks in North Dakota, whose population has only a 4% unemployment rate.

    The Fed and their complicit banks must be abolished to save the Republic!

    It’s the only thing we can do. CRASH THE BIG BANKS NOW “Too Big Too Fail” apparently means “Too Big To Succeed” and “Too Big for their own Wallets”

    The sooner the better. Why don’t we ask a 3rd grade math student what he thinks? The real problem is that a politician who could do something about it has his own mathematical challenges about healthy economies. “Bite the hand that feeds him” (by indicting Banksters), or make millions putting children in the streets for power and profit.

    Apparently ALL politicians are going to make the same choice over and over again. They have always sold the souls of your children and their future and they always will. Take the big Banksters out of the picture. Build a local banking system that cares about its community and helps it thrive instead of sucking the life out of it by bribing and fixing the entire system for itself, taking us all of a cliff with it.

    Crash all the big banks now. Create new local Banks only = No more Wall Street Banksters.

    Problem Solved!

    J Glenn Lowe

    Die Banker Die – A Tribute to the Wall Street Banksters that suck the life from all of us and our economy just to get a nice Christmas Bonus –

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