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Convicted drug dealer owned nine medical marijuana stores secretly


Medical marijuana stores portray an image of being little mom and pop stores providing compassionate care to the suffering often have hidden owners with criminal pasts. Marijuana needs to be completely legal. This would drive the price way down and thus eliminate the inevitable and corrupting current criminality.

John Melvin Walker was making millions from nine medical marijuana clinics he secretly owned, He owned mansions and had hundreds of thousands in cash lying around. He has accepted a plea bargain in federal court which involves complete asset forfeiture and prison. His young children will now grow up poor because everything is gone and he never filed taxes, which means the IRS will be after him too.

At the Dana Point shop, detectives found spreadsheets showing sales over 10 months totaled $3.17 million, with $2.47 million cash on hand, according to an affidavit.

That’s $300,000 a month or about $10,000 a day. These copious amounts of marijuana often come from unlicensed grow operations like one in Morgan Hill CA that had 2,775 plants and 30 pounds ready to sell.

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Medical marijuana shops banned by Los Angeles City Council

Credit: marijuanalawyerblog.com

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously last Tuesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to sign it into law, setting up a major battle as well as legal confusion.

However Los Angeles County just tried the same thing and was overruled by a court. So why does L.A. think they can prevail? Worse, the city council is allowing 170 dispensaries to remain, which certainly seems to reek more than a warehouse filled with blooming marijuana plants.

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Medical marijuana is a classic states’ rights issue

The federal government has shut down at least 500 medical marijuana dispensaries in California in the past eight months, claiming they were violating state as well as federal law. But states’ right advocates would say the federal government has no right to interfere in California and that law enforcement should be done by the state and local law enforcement not by the feds.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agrees with the states’ rights position, saying “I have strong concerns about the recent actions by the federal government that threaten the safe access of medicinal marijuana to alleviate the suffering of patients in California” adding that medical marijuana is “both a medical and a states’ rights issue.” Her statement, I think, represents a real sea change in attitude by liberals about states’ rights, considering they generally used to oppose it without question. The more our politicians can break out of lock-step partisan positions, the better.

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Quasi-legal medical marijuana has become a dangerous charade

Gosh, that sure looks medicinal to me

Medical marijuana in California was instituted with the best of intentions by the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. It mandated that marijuana could be grown and cultivated legally for personal use by those with a recommendation from a doctor and their caregivers. Marijuana unquestionably can relieve nausea from those undergoing chemotherapy and help with a host of other symptoms as well. But what began as a genuine effort to help the suffering has metastasized into something quite different with potentially nasty and dangerous consequences.

Why it’s just like Prohibition was in the 1920’s, isn’t it? Friendly little Mom and Pop marijuana clinics invite you in now just like speakeasies did in the days of illegal booze. What could be wrong with that?

Behind those speakeasies in Prohibition were nasty people with guns. Bootleggers routinely killed each other. Cops were bribed. The entire system was corrupted. If something is illegal or quasi-legal and there is serious money to be made, criminals and organized crime will move in.

Quasi-legal medical marijuana is my latest for IVN and expands upon my thoughts here.

The entire system of medical marijuana borders on genteel corruption. Doctors write bogus recommendations. Stores make huge profits, often in cash. Regulation, at least in California, seems minimal at best. Also, given the large cash business that clinics do, it certainly is possible that some of them are laundering money. All of this is an invitation for crime, and I don’t mean shaggy haired ex-hippie growers from Humboldt County either but something far more malignant.

Legalize marijuana. Then all these problems will vanish.

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Medical marijuana shops make big profits. Bring a gun.

As it turns out, potentially nasty people with guns aren’t all that far up the medical marijuana food chain.

At the shop, investigators found spreadsheets showing sales over 10 months totaled $3.17 million, according to the affidavit, with $2.47 million “cash on hand.” Paperwork indicated that a silent partner, a convicted drug dealer named John M. Walker, controlled the shop and six others in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Another raid on Walker’s property uncovered handguns and assault rifles.

a) Why is a convicted drug dealer allowed to control medical marijuana stores?

b) Tell me again so I can understand it, what do AKs and bags of cash have to do with being “compassionate caregivers”?

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The charade of medical marijuana

(Images are from the Metro Silicon Valley weekly semi-alt newspaper.)

Cannibis clubbing.” Yes, this is just totally for medicinal purposes (nudge nudge wink wink.)

Seriously though, let’s just legalize it. The prices at the clinics are astronomically, um, high. Legalization would drop prices enormously. Then the government could tax it heavily. Everyone would be happy. The second image has an ad for 7 grams for $99. That’s $396 an ounce. If marijuana was legal, an ounce would probably be $40. Someone is making bankster-like profits on medical marijuana.

Quasi-legal medical marijuana invites organized crime to move in and no doubt they have already. The clinic stores may appear to be Mom and Pop businesses but if you track ownership up several levels, things are no doubt quite different. And a few levels above that are probably nasty people with guns.

The whole quasi-legality of medical marijuana is sleazy. Doctors grind out prescriptions for it without caring if there’s a genuine medical purpose. Laws are ignored. Banksters at the top ignore financial laws. Potheads at the bottom get fraudulent scripts from Dr. Feelgood.  It’s all part of the collapse of what used to be our social contract.

(For the record, I used to smoke copious amounts of weed and haven’t for many years.)

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Oliver Stone talks about “Savages”, new film about drug cartels

Gavin Newsom interviews Oliver Stone.

The movie fictionalizes the cartels, focusing on its attempts to move into the high-end California growing market, which has hybridized the best weed in the world under the pretext of medical marijuana.

And it is a pretext, folks. Anyone who doesn’t think nasty people with full auto weapons aren’t part of medical marijuana are fooling themselves.

Where you find big money and crime, you will of course, find the banksters.

Two Colombian economists decided to see who’s getting money off the illegal drug trade. And they discovered that American and British banks are getting a big chunk of the profits. That’s because the cartels are laundering their proceeds through those banks.

This explains why Obama et al are dead set on not legalizing drugs. The banks make far too much profit from laundering drug money.

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It’s medical marijuana. Nudge nudge wink wink

I don’t care if people smoke marijuana. Back in the day I consumed mass quantities myself. But this medical marijuana thing is  a charade. Anyone can get a prescription. And if you think there aren’t nasty people with guns way back in the growing and distribution chain, think again. Besides, the prices the stores charge is absurdly expensive, especially considering it’s quasi-legal.

I say, just legalize it. I mean, in San Jose and San Francisco, it already is de facto legal. People walk down the street smoking it.

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Oakland okays huge marijuana farms

The permits for four industrial-scale marijuana farms is for medicinal (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) pot only of course. Small pot growers are honked off, afraid they’ll be pushed out of the business.

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Marijuana growers upend hard-luck California town

It’s not a subculture here,” said Barnett, who heads the Mountain Valley Unified School District. “Marijuana is drying in their houses. It’s falling out of their pockets.”

It’s capitalism in action, but on the other hand…

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