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Convicted drug dealer owned nine medical marijuana stores secretly

Medical marijuana stores portray an image of being little mom and pop stores providing compassionate care to the suffering often have hidden owners with criminal pasts. Marijuana needs to be completely legal. This would drive the price way down and thus eliminate the inevitable and corrupting current criminality. John Melvin Walker was making millions from nine […]

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Medical marijuana shops banned by Los Angeles City Council

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously last Tuesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to sign it into law, setting up a major battle as well as legal confusion. However Los Angeles County just tried the same thing and was overruled by a court. So why does […]

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Medical marijuana is a classic states’ rights issue

The federal government has shut down at least 500 medical marijuana dispensaries in California in the past eight months, claiming they were violating state as well as federal law. But states’ right advocates would say the federal government has no right to interfere in California and that law enforcement should be done by the state […]

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Quasi-legal medical marijuana has become a dangerous charade

Medical marijuana in California was instituted with the best of intentions by the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. It mandated that marijuana could be grown and cultivated legally for personal use by those with a recommendation from a doctor and their caregivers. Marijuana unquestionably can relieve nausea from those undergoing chemotherapy and help with […]

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Medical marijuana shops make big profits. Bring a gun.

As it turns out, potentially nasty people with guns aren’t all that far up the medical marijuana food chain. At the shop, investigators found spreadsheets showing sales over 10 months totaled $3.17 million, according to the affidavit, with $2.47 million “cash on hand.” Paperwork indicated that a silent partner, a convicted drug dealer named John […]

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The charade of medical marijuana

(Images are from the Metro Silicon Valley weekly semi-alt newspaper.) “Cannibis clubbing.” Yes, this is just totally for medicinal purposes (nudge nudge wink wink.) Seriously though, let’s just legalize it. The prices at the clinics are astronomically, um, high. Legalization would drop prices enormously. Then the government could tax it heavily. Everyone would be happy. […]

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It’s medical marijuana. Nudge nudge wink wink

I don’t care if people smoke marijuana. Back in the day I consumed mass quantities myself. But this medical marijuana thing is  a charade. Anyone can get a prescription. And if you think there aren’t nasty people with guns way back in the growing and distribution chain, think again. Besides, the prices the stores charge […]

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