Medical marijuana shops banned by Los Angeles City Council


The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously last Tuesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to sign it into law, setting up a major battle as well as legal confusion.

However Los Angeles County just tried the same thing and was overruled by a court. So why does L.A. think they can prevail? Worse, the city council is allowing 170 dispensaries to remain, which certainly seems to reek more than a warehouse filled with blooming marijuana plants.

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  1. Gee, where do you think all those patients who are legally able to use medical marijuana are going to go for their daily medicine? If they don’t grow it themselves, they’re going to find somebody willing to break the law and get them the medicine they need. I guess the city really wants the market to go more underground and taxes on the income not collected, including sales tax and any marijuana tax on the product itself. Gee, if the city just imposed a tax on medical marijuana wouldn’t that be better? Look what it’s done for alcohol.

    I’m trying to start up the first ever free medical marijuana dispensary for low income patients that is funded 100% by public and private donations. If I can get this going a few of the local dispensaries are even willing to help out with donations of medical marijuana for me to distribute. So I really need to get this going for the sake of patients suffering out there who cannot afford their medicine and also with the city now trying to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, now is the time to fight back with starting up dispensaries for the poor and giving it away to those who legitimately can benefit from the use of medical marijuana but cannot afford it.

    We’re not just trying to promote dispensary use, as we do have plans to have weekly growing classes to show our patients how to grow their own medical marijuana at home, as well as cooking classes to show them how to infuse medical marijuana into simple recipes like pasta, cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, and more. So you’re not just supporting a way for these patients to get free medical marijuana by donating to my charity, you’re supporting these people learning all about the plant, such as how to grow it properly, and how to use it responsibly in a healthy way (vaporizing or ingesting it and not smoking). Please help by donating and/or getting the word out. Right now we need the money so we can open up shop and start taking patient applications and start growing.

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