Convicted drug dealer owned nine medical marijuana stores secretly


Medical marijuana stores portray an image of being little mom and pop stores providing compassionate care to the suffering often have hidden owners with criminal pasts. Marijuana needs to be completely legal. This would drive the price way down and thus eliminate the inevitable and corrupting current criminality.

John Melvin Walker was making millions from nine medical marijuana clinics he secretly owned, He owned mansions and had hundreds of thousands in cash lying around. He has accepted a plea bargain in federal court which involves complete asset forfeiture and prison. His young children will now grow up poor because everything is gone and he never filed taxes, which means the IRS will be after him too.

At the Dana Point shop, detectives found spreadsheets showing sales over 10 months totaled $3.17 million, with $2.47 million cash on hand, according to an affidavit.

That’s $300,000 a month or about $10,000 a day. These copious amounts of marijuana often come from unlicensed grow operations like one in Morgan Hill CA that had 2,775 plants and 30 pounds ready to sell.