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Green Party TV ad airs after initial rejection by Google

A Green Party TV ad from the Jill Stein for President campaign is airing nationwide after Google TV Ads initially rejected it because of an intentionally bleeped out word. Google said the ad contained “inappropriate language” and refused to broker the ad on cable and satellite, even though the word in question was more implied […]

Continuing turmoil in California Green Party

Many thanks to my old friend, comrade and compatriot Bob Morris for inviting me to blog here.  Bob was interested in my take on the ongoing turmoil between Mike Feinstein and Nativo Lopez.  I blogged extensively on that subject some time ago, A plague on both your houses.  The information that I impart will however, […]

Commonalities between Green Party, Tea Party, Ron Paulites

Libertarian W.E. Messamore interviews Green Party candidate Jill Stein for CAIVN and finds much common ground. Excerpt: CAIVN: You have shown a lot of sympathy for the grievances of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In 2009 a lot of the Tea Party protesters were extremely opposed to the Wall Street bailouts. How central of an […]

Green Party presidential candidate dream / nightmare for liberals

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, is a genuine and outspoken progressive. Naturally liberals will be all in a dither about whether to vote for someone who articulates the issues well and wants real change or delude themselves into thinking the Democratic Party won’t punch them in the face and betray them again after […]

Cheri Honkala, Green candidate for Philly Sheriff: ‘We have to get very serious about building some kind of independent political motion in this country’

The Green Party’s national convention was this past weekend and my absolute favorite candidate in the country this year – the election is November 2011 – gave an inspiring speech there, introduced by David Cobb.  The quote in the title is from that speech, as are those below.  The full video is posted below, as […]

Green Party makes history: Elizabeth May becomes MP in Canada

Elizabeth May has become the first-ever Green MP in Canada, defeating a longtime Tory minister. “I stand here today as the first elected Green MP in the history of Canadian politics,” she yelled above the crowd chanting her name. “And I stand here today and I remain committed, as all of us are, to rejecting […]

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