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New DHS conspiracies needed to wet panties over

Steve Hynd shreds the ‘Omigod the Keynan socialist is arming DHS to take our guns away and put us in concentration camps’ meme that way too many are wetting their undies over. The 1.6 rounds of ammo purchase by DHS is the maximum amount they can order over five years and their budget for 2013 […]

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Just a tiny part of The Conspiracy

Click through to view in all its ginormous glory at Zero Hedge In a related story, The New York Times sniffs disdainfully at conspiracy theories (like, what else would you expect them to do?) even as they link to Alex Jones’ list of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, an article which […]

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The lunatics are taking over the asylum at KPFA

From Doug Henwood. His excellent show, Behind The News, on Pacifica affiliate WBAI is probably in peril too. No doubt many of you are sick of the whole Pacifica mess, but this is really important: if these layoffs go down, it’s gonna be 9/11 and chemtrails. From the excellent historian of Pacifica, Matthew Lasar: How […]

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Because you can never be too cynical

Our friend Wood Ingham just released MSG™, a RPG that is getting fine reviews. Like this one, excerpted on his blog. It defies many of the characteristics we normally ascribe to a tabletop RPG — in the context of a very cynical, and very cool, cyberpunky future where even the minimal constraints on corporate action […]

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