New DHS conspiracies needed to wet panties over

Black Helicopters

Steve Hynd shreds the ‘Omigod the Keynan socialist is arming DHS to take our guns away and put us in concentration camps’ meme that way too many are wetting their undies over.

The 1.6 rounds of ammo purchase by DHS is the maximum amount they can order over five years and their budget for 2013 is for 100 million rounds, which less than they use yearly in training and operations.

Even neocon conservative Charles Krauthammer told his Fox News friends, “I hate to disappoint the conspiracy theorists, they’re gonna have to come up with something new and they will.”

Those 2,700 tanks DHS is buying supposedly so the UN can use them to come crashing down our doors and confiscate our guns is also, to put it politely, an urban myth. DHS has a whopping 16 such vehicles and the vehicles, which aren’t tanks, are part of a navy contract.

These stories are untrue and ginned up by rightwing bloggers who make traffic from demonizing the islamo-socio-fascist Satan in the White House, but that they’re being believed by otherwise sane people points to a zeitgeist that itself should be worrying.

The same type of stories circulated in the late 1960’s. Nixon was preparing concentration camps for unwashed anti-war hippie troublemakers, of which I was proudly a member. The stories were bullshit then and they’re bullshit now.