Detroit, An American Autopsy. Is America circling the drain?


Shloky thought America still had time to turn things around until he read Detroit, An American Autopsy by Charlie Leduff. Now he’s not sure.

What if the land of the free, of prosperity, of two cars and a picket fence succumbed to the corrupt, the incompetent, the immoral?

It presents the viewpoint that we’re not careening into failure. We’re already there. Ours is a state soon to be hollowed out by failed cities. America was murdered. What we live in is fundamentally different from what we had. We’re in the middle of launching what is new. Its time to approach it that way.

Cannonfire echoes the sentiment in a different way, focusing on the plethora of deranged conspiracy theories going around, which includes Newton Truthers and even, God help us, Aurora Truthers.

America is going insane

Folks, this shit has gotten out of hand. This country cannot survive if an increasing number of citizens go bonkers.

He cites a particularly nutty theory linking MK-Ultra to Martin Luther King as a commie plot to despoil our country. When cities like Detroit die (or are murdered), when we long longer have leaders but grasping greedy thugs and mediocrities running the country then the center may not hold.

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  1. I tried to post this comment the other day but it failed to appear, I don’t know if it was by error or choice. But I have taken the liberty to try to post it again.

    America is doing fine, well corporate America. You don’t count, the West has to get all your
    incomes down to sweatshop level so that it can compete with its Eastern competitors. Greece is just about right for some corporate mob to come along and offer the desperate public some very low paid boring shitty jobs, they’ll call it investment and growth. Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland are almost there. We in the UK are seeing our standard of living crumbling before our eyes, and so it goes on. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is corporate economics, the people are units in the production system and to keep profits up they have to cost very little. This naive idea that “our country” is a co-operation between the people and big business, has to be ditched. The corporate world will rape, plunder and destroy the planet in pursuit of profit, it will decimate the living standards of the people in the same drive for ever more wealth and power. Like I said before, you just don’t count in their world, you are expendable, there is plenty more where you came from.
    ann arky;

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