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Podcast. Gun-walking, CIA rendition, Obama speech

Last night’s podcast started with the growing Gun-walking scandal, where the US Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix allowed at least 1400 weapons and parts for hundreds of grenades to pass from the US to Mexico. Multiple federal agencies may have been involved. The story still isn’t getting the attention that it should. After all, a […]

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Preparing the American Invasion of Pakistan

Are we preparing for an American invasion of Pakistan’s tribal regions? Actions by the Pakistani military, comments from the intelligence community, and even the White House response to new terror attacks seem to suggest these preparations are already under way. And no good can come of it.

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Michael Jackson, Madoff, the CIA

Michael Jackson’s death ruled homicide by LA coroner And not manslaughter? Yikes. Prison denies Madoff dying of cancer. I mean, Lordy folks, The NY Post quoted unnamed sources quoting inmates who say Madoff told them he has cancer, and they didn’t even ask the prison for confirmation. This is just garbage journalism. Let me spell […]

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Computer surveillance by CIA?

We welcome Josh “UJ” Mull as a Polizeros contributor. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, I was doing some research for the latest episode of Alive in Baghdad, specifically looking for Iraqi reactions to President Obama’s speech announcing the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. One of the reactions I came across […]

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