Podcast. Gun-walking, CIA rendition, Obama speech

Last night’s podcast started with the growing Gun-walking scandal, where the US Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix allowed at least 1400 weapons and parts for hundreds of grenades to pass from the US to Mexico. Multiple federal agencies may have been involved. The story still isn’t getting the attention that it should. After all, a Border Patrol agent was murdered on US land and a weapon found nearby was one of the guns they allowed to be smuggled to the cartels.

The interests of CIA and JSOC seem to be merging. CIA now spends considerable time running military operations. So, just who is in charge. And why does the US consistently support such thuggish operations?

Obama’s job speech. Steve summed it up well, “soaring rhetoric and wishful thinking.” 56% of it is tax cuts, with comparatively minor sums for rebuilding our infrastructure. Plus, it all must be offset by cuts elsewhere. This will do little if anything to create new jobs. Plus, there was no mention of mortgage relief, or of the enormous amounts of toxic slop that the TBTF banks have been allowed to carry on their books. The root causes of our financial collapse were not even mentioned nor were the trillions Obama has sent to the banksters.

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With Steve Hynd , Keith Boyea, and myself.

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