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Pasteurella. Cat and dog bites can be serious

I’d like to give a shout-out to the sweet little kitty who morphed into Infected Fangs of Death when I tried to pick her up recently. I have several exciting new puncture marks in my right hand and a probable case of Pasteurella. Cats and dogs carry Pasteurella bacteria in their mouths. If you are […]

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Lucky, the cat that would not die

We just transported 4 cats from the Wasco CA Animal Shelter to Maine Coon Adoption in Oakland. One of the cats is rightfully named Lucky. He was found by Wasco Animal Control, presumed dead, and put in the freezer. The next morning they heard scratching. He was alive, but in such bad shape they decided […]

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Cat adoption this weekend, SF Bay Area

You can still adopt cats this weekend in the SF Bay Area through Maine Coon Adoptions, including these two cuties, who will probably get adopted fast. We’ve been fostering these adorable sister kittens, Madeleine and Michaela. They were part of a colony found at the Wasco CA prison, taken to a shelter, and then shuttled to […]

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Cats and their protocols – The Bandit Blankie

Bandit, like many cats, has certain protocols which must be followed before she, for example, will sit on Sue’s stomach when Sue in lying down in bed. We have a certain small blanket, called the Bandit Blankie, which must be on Sue’s stomach first before Bandit will get on. If Sue forgets to put the […]

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You silly cat

Our cat Bandit had surgery and thus needs to wear the cone of shame. We took it off her briefly. Another cat, Harry, began sniffing and exploring it then suddenly started running around the room in panic. He stuck his head into it and couldn’t get it off. I was laughing so hard it took […]

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Four cats for adoption. SF Bay Area

Sue and I do cat foster and rescue. These four cats, a mom and three kittens, are ready to be adopted! They have been fixed, have chips and all shots. — Hippity “I was a teenage pregnant mom abandoned by the side of the road”. No, not the best start in life for sweet Hippity, […]

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Doing cat rescue

We do cat rescue and transported cats from LA to SF today. We took a mom cat and three kittens from Cat Connection in LA to foster ourselves and also transported two adorable kittens and Floyd, pictured here, to Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland. The SF Bay Area is doing better economically than other areas, […]

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