Pasteurella. Cat and dog bites can be serious

Credit: Deviantart user Mattlex

Credit: Deviantart user Mattlex

I’d like to give a shout-out to the sweet little kitty who morphed into Infected Fangs of Death when I tried to pick her up recently. I have several exciting new puncture marks in my right hand and a probable case of Pasteurella.

Cats and dogs carry Pasteurella bacteria in their mouths. If you are bitten you should immediately clean the wound with alcohol, put antibiotic cream on it, then monitor it. Chances are it will get red and swollen. If so, go to a doctor. Pasteuralla is easily treatable with antibiotics. However, if you were bitten on the hand and wait too long before seeing a doctor, it will start creeping up your arm. That’s when it gets serious.

Cat scratch disease can be transmitted by bites or claws and can lead to swelling, headaches, and fatigue. The adorable Miss Infected Fangs also clawed me. Not to worry, the antibiotics the MD gave me are working. The important thing is to clean the wound immediately then see a doctor if there is swelling or infection.


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