Lucky, the cat that would not die

Credit: Wasco Animal Shelter
Back from the dead twice. Credit: Wasco Animal Shelter

We just transported 4 cats from the Wasco CA Animal Shelter to Maine Coon Adoption in Oakland. One of the cats is rightfully named Lucky.

He was found by Wasco Animal Control, presumed dead, and put in the freezer. The next morning they heard scratching. He was alive, but in such bad shape they decided to put him down. Instead, the shot revived him.

Here’s what probably happened. The shelter used potassium chloride to put Lucky down. He was probably severely dehydrated with low potassium – so that’s why the shot brought him back.

He is almost certain to be adopted quickly. We’ve seen lots of municipal shelters. The Wasco Shelter is tiny, has limited funds, and does a great job with what they have. Maine Coon Adoptions is currently adopting out 8-12 cats a week and is no-kill. It’s almost kitten season. Maybe you need one.