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The Party for Socialism and Liquidation: PSL as Assad’s Bloodhounds

“Someone has to be the bloodhound.” Social Democrat Gustav Noske uttered these words in 1919 before organizing the right-wing death squads that killed Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknicht, two revolutionary former leaders of the very same German Social Democratic Party Noske belonged to. Almost a century later, some on the left have once again taken […]

Where is the US, ask Syrian rebels?

Syrian rebels want no-fly zones, just like the Libya rebels got. But the US remains unhelpful, stumbling about, clueless about what to do. We supported the Assad thugs for decades and seem odddly unconcerned about the coming possible destruction of Syria’s largest city. “America will pay a price for this,” [a rebel spokesperson] said. “America […]

Is there even such a thing?

Though it may much ado of nothing, but why is it we never hear of the “Second World”. It’s always third world this third world that, and of late “first world slipping to third world”. If we’re first world, wouldn’t we be slipping to “second world” before hitting third?

A point to ponder

With corporate profits at fifty year highs at the same time that unemployment is at fifty year highs, one would think that if it were true that the rich and “business” were the “job creators” we would literally be drowning in jobs right now.

A Zinn moment, or two

“For decades now right-wing dogmatics have been working furiously at turning this broad mass of America into a nation of imbeciles, because imbeciles are so easily manipulated and controlled. The cultivation of ignorance goes hand in hand with the propagation of evil — and of course the squadrons of religious authoritarians have been enlisted as […]

The Founders’ Fear

I’m so old I can remember when the reichwing freaked out over the prospect of a Catholic Democrat President who would do the Pope’s bidding. Now not only do we have two Nazi candidates openly declaring their intent to do the Pope’s bidding but three and a half of the five “credible” candidates openly declaring […]

They can only “win” by cheating

It is starting to look like a possibility – given the history of Republican vote rigging going back twelve years now, one has to ask: did they rig their own primary? Caucus night was chaotic in many places, with hundreds of voters, candidates showing up and the throngs of media who followed. The world’s eyes were on […]

This is a big deal

Chemical Weapons Gone from Oregon Depot [Seattle Times] It would be hard to exaggerate the peril that was stacked in the weird concrete bunkers south of the Tri-Cities and across the Columbia River in Eastern Oregon. Inside the sheds rising from the shrub-steppe desert sat roughly a quarter-million leaking rockets, crumbling mines, decaying bombs and […]

I wonder

If that damned pipeline the Republicans instructed President Obama to make an “expedited decision within sixty days” about is amongst those “14 provisions that he said infringed upon his power to conduct foreign affairs…” The omnibus gets a signing statement When President Obama signed a budget bill on Friday, he issued a signing statement claiming a right to bypass […]

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