Rebecca Black now more disliked than Justin Bieber on YouTube

13 year old Rebecca Black’s so-awesomely-bad-it’s-good video on YouTube has gotten over 66 million views and 1.2 million dislike’s, thus eclipsing Justin Bieber for dislikes. This in just a few weeks too.

She should be happy. I call it the Alice Cooper effect. Early in their career when they were unknowns, Alice Cooper did a gig and reputedly the entire audience walked out, to which Alice said, “I think we got something here.”

I saw this happen at a Rolling Stones concert where a complete unknown opening act got booed off the stage. People were literally taking off their shoes and throwing them at him. I thought at the time, anyone who can piss off an audience that much is going to be a big star. His name was Prince.

Hang in there Rebecca, you could go far.

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