Rebecca Black now more disliked than Justin Bieber on YouTube

13 year old Rebecca Black’s so-awesomely-bad-it’s-good video on YouTube has gotten over 66 million views and 1.2 million dislike’s, thus eclipsing Justin Bieber for dislikes. This in just a few weeks too.

She should be happy. I call it the Alice Cooper effect. Early in their career when they were unknowns, Alice Cooper did a gig and reputedly the entire audience walked out, to which Alice said, “I think we got something here.”

I saw this happen at a Rolling Stones concert where a complete unknown opening act got booed off the stage. People were literally taking off their shoes and throwing them at him. I thought at the time, anyone who can piss off an audience that much is going to be a big star. His name was Prince.

Hang in there Rebecca, you could go far.


  1. Rebecca, Justin Who?

    I went to an Alice Cooper concert. ’73 – I was just out of the Army. With a Bunch of Deadheads. We ate a bunch of Acid. He hung himself. Really. The safety harness broke.

    It was… hilarious. In a weird sort of way.

    Music sucked.

  2. That’s diffrent though. Those brilliant artist (Prince/Alex Cooper) were the subject of animosity because they were diffrent & slightly ahead of their time, Rebecca Black on the other hand is
    the product of an pop established gimmick (auto-tune) that is so beyond chessy. She’s worse than Kesha! Comparing her to Prince & Alice Cooper is just laughable; she puts absolutely nothing into her music/career (which is based on one song). No one should be antagonistic towards her though she’s just an overblown youtube trend…

  3. accept for the fact that she’s ugly, can’t sing, can’t write, or play an instrument. Ya she’ll go real far… what a load of @#$%

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