LAPD beating videos

William Cardenas was beaten savagely by LAPD while lying on the ground. Someone video’ed it. Now it’s on YouTube. And all over the media.

This happened Aug. 8 in Hollywood. On July 8 in Hollywood, LAPD savaagely beat two protestors at an anti-Minutemen counter-protest and we got it on video and posted it on YouTube.

Last night, after getting at least a dozen people subscribing to my YouTube videos in that day, I checked the stats for the July 8 beating video and it showed 37,000 viewings which was way up. A few hours later it was 82,000. This morning it’s a mind-boggling 132,000. People must be looking for the Aug. 8 video and finding this one too.

And why two beatings by Hollywood LAPD a month apart?

PS There are so many hits happening so fast on the videos now that depending on which way you view the link, YouTube gives a different number of total views. For example, one screen is currently showing 132,000 while another is at 83,000.

William Cardenas beating YouTube video

Anti-minutemen beating You Tube video

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New version of LAPD beating video

This just-uploaded version is on Google video. They allow uploading larger files than YouTube (where the other versions are) thus this version is way larger and better quality than previous ones.

From the counter-protest called by to protest a Minutemen march in Hollywood on July 8, 2006. LAPD officers clubbed two videographers to the pavement then kept clubbing them.

Watch the video on Google Video.

The three versions on YouTube have now been viewed over 16,000 times.

LAPD beating update

Jose Villa, who was arrested July 8 at an anti-Minutemen protest in Hollywoood, will not have charges filed against him for 2 months while LAPD conducts an internal investigation.

Villa and Christen Westberry were video’ing LAPD when they were clubbed to the sidewalk, then clubbed at least four more times while lying there motionless. The video speaks for itself.

Two things: 1) That LAPD is conducting an internal investigation means they are taking this seriously. 2) The criminal investigation has been transferred from Hollywood division to Robbery/Homicide (the most experienced) in the downtown division. It is unusual for investigations to be moved from where they happened, another signal LAPD is watching this from the highest levels.

The criminal investigation can not start until the internal investigation, which is being done by the Professional Standards Bureau of LAPD, has completed.

Villa was arrested on the ludicrous charge of “attempted lynching”, a felony, and his bail was $50,000. KPFK reporter Liliana Sunn was arrested on a misdemeanor after she stepped into the street and was clubbed to the ground. Her bail is $20,000, extremely high for a misdemeanor, and upon release she discovered her tapes had been erased.

All of the above is from conversations with Bill Paparian, Jose Villa’s lawyer.

L.A. Speak out against police brutality

This Sat., July 22, 2-4 pm
Gather at corner of Hollywood & Argyle, L.A.
(Metro Red Line stop Hollywood & Vine.)

All anti-racist, progressive people are encouraged to participate in a People’s Speak Out against racism and police brutality. The speak out will be at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Argyle Ave. to show the LAPD that protesters and the community will not be intimidated by police terror.

On July 8, the LAPD viciously attacked a peaceful, multinational crowd of hundreds who had gathered to demonstrate against the racist, anti-immigrant “Minuteman Project” and their supporters. Without any provocation, the police beat dozens and falsely arrested six people, all of them anti-Minutemen protesters. Just before the police riot, top LAPD brass on the scene were chumming around with the fascist Minutemen on the other side of the street.

Lawsuits are pending, and the video clearly shows the savage, unprovoked beating. We are returning to precisely the same street corner to speak out against police brutality. I expect it to be quite peaceful. LAPD would be insane to club people again, given the repercussions from what happened July 8.

BTW, Street corner protests like this one are completely legal. You do not need a permit.

And I’m looking to buy my first video camera.