LAPD beating videos

William Cardenas was beaten savagely by LAPD while lying on the ground. Someone video’ed it. Now it’s on YouTube. And all over the media.

This happened Aug. 8 in Hollywood. On July 8 in Hollywood, LAPD savaagely beat two protestors at an anti-Minutemen counter-protest and we got it on video and posted it on YouTube.

Last night, after getting at least a dozen people subscribing to my YouTube videos in that day, I checked the stats for the July 8 beating video and it showed 37,000 viewings which was way up. A few hours later it was 82,000. This morning it’s a mind-boggling 132,000. People must be looking for the Aug. 8 video and finding this one too.

And why two beatings by Hollywood LAPD a month apart?

PS There are so many hits happening so fast on the videos now that depending on which way you view the link, YouTube gives a different number of total views. For example, one screen is currently showing 132,000 while another is at 83,000.

William Cardenas beating YouTube video

Anti-minutemen beating You Tube video

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