Confusion as to new oil cap … Relief wells halted

If things were going well, would there be this much confusion? Especially since the government is questioning the process, saying tightening the new cap could put too much pressure on the well, and BP saying there is no assurance they will get the go-ahead.

There seems to be a pattern here. Rosy promises that all will be fixed followed by damage control and hedging once things don’t go as announced.

Is BP dumping sand to cover oil?

Are they trucking in sand and just covering up the mess? Are they trying to clean it up and the efforts just aren’t doing a bit of good with the tides full of oil coming in and out? No matter what they’re doing it doesn’t appear to be making any difference. The beaches still have oil on them underneath the sand as the above video clips show. It would be nice if the media would get out there and demand some access to these sites and find out. If they are just dumping sand over the oil it needs to stop immediately.

Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami,

BP Texas refinery had huge toxic release just before Gulf blowout

Oil found in Gulf crabs

Is Gulf floor beyond repair?

Should BP nuke its leaking oil well?

Where is the US government is all of this? Absent, as far as I can tell…

Gulf oil spill photos and video

“Aerial footage of tar on Pensacola Beach from Escambia County Sheriff’s Office helicopter.” It goes for miles and miles on (formerly) white sandy beaches in a major tourist area. Near the piers, people are looking at the oil. There are no clean up crews and the beach is apparently still open. This is devastation, both for the beach and for their economy. Their hotels are probably empty, or will be soon.

kk+ Flickr photo

From Chris Pirillo

My good friend and photographer Kris Krug just wrapped up a week down in the Gulf. He was photographing the oil spill from the air for the TEDxOilSpill Expedition, a project that aimed to collect first-hand information for presentation at a conference scheduled for June 28 in Washington D.C. Kris was also taking photographs for National Geographic.

According to Kris, we cannot begin to imagine the scope of this tragedy.” It looks likes dirty dishwater in some places, with that rainbow, reflective sheen,? Krug recalled. It looks like sewage sludge in others, where rusty-coloured orange and brown and black sludge is bubbling up from the bottom. KK believes fully that BP is busy blocking true press access to the devastation.” Every time we showed up anywhere, we were approached by guys in badges, asking us who were, what we were doing, and telling us to not cross this line or that line.”

You can find all of Kris’ stunning pictures taken down in the Gulf on his Flickr pages

South Louisiana store sign. kk+ Flickr photo

How insane is it that BP apparently thinks this is just some PR crisis that needs to be managed by chasing reporters away. Like we can’t see the photos and videos? Why is the White House still permitting BP to muzzle freedom of the press?

2.5 million gallons of oil per day into the Gulf?

Gas 2.0

But in the nearly two months since the spill occurred, I’ve noticed that the news hasn’t been getting better, but worse. Yet America seems to care less and less. Now reports are coming out that there could be as much as 60,000 barrels, or 2.5 million gallons of oil, pouring into the gulf every day. So where is the outrage?

There’s plenty of outrage but people are also feeling overwhelmed. The problem is so huge. They don’t know what to do. However, given the severe economic shock that is hitting the Gulf, the possibility of serious social unrest there seems quite likely.

This isn’t like Katrina, it’s more like Chernobyl. Large areas will not be coming back anytime soon.