Is BP dumping sand to cover oil?

Are they trucking in sand and just covering up the mess? Are they trying to clean it up and the efforts just aren’t doing a bit of good with the tides full of oil coming in and out? No matter what they’re doing it doesn’t appear to be making any difference. The beaches still have oil on them underneath the sand as the above video clips show. It would be nice if the media would get out there and demand some access to these sites and find out. If they are just dumping sand over the oil it needs to stop immediately.

Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami,

BP Texas refinery had huge toxic release just before Gulf blowout

Oil found in Gulf crabs

Is Gulf floor beyond repair?

Should BP nuke its leaking oil well?

Where is the US government is all of this? Absent, as far as I can tell…

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