Snowden ‘is a hero’, issued himself death warrant for us

Glenn Beck strongly defends Snowden and says we’re on about the last exit before complete government surveillance over our lives. He says we must act now to end this and that the worst possible solution would be to pick up a gun because chaos is precisely what the government wants. If you sneer at this because it’s from Glenn Beck then you don’t get it about civil liberties and freedom. This isn’t about left vs. right.

My stance on Edward Snowden – I came out over the weekend and said, ‘This guy is a hero.’ At least what he is doing is an act of heroism,” Glenn said. “What he is doing coming out and speaking to the press – he has issued himself a death warrant”¦ He had a decent life. He was making $200,000 a year, living in Hawaii with his girlfriend. He decides, ‘This is wrong and somebody needs to speak out.’ This is, I believe, the first act of real heroism that we have seen.”

As a country, we are running out of time. “I do believe this is the last exit. I could be wrong”¦ Hopefully there’s more,. If the American people, however, see that what he has done was right, we have a chance of changing things.”

Snowden has now shown the world that the United States government has access to just about every aspect of your life – from phone calls to emails to credit card activity, they have it all. The media and Washington may try to spin these leaks into some sort of political debate stemming from the PATRIOT ACT, but the implications of government overreach in this situation are far more dangerous than any political scandal.

Glenn Beck’s Mormon prophecy of the Constitution hanging by thread

Byron DeLear

Dana Milbank’s article two days ago, “Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck’s Message”, talks about some coded language Beck’s been using–supposedly a prophetic prediction made by the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith.

Hanging by a thread. Sounds like the sign of the times in so many ways. We all know profit-driven ‘news-entertainment’ is dominated by fear and sensationalism, so we should expect an abundance of apocalyptic story telling from pundits like Beck. But even after disregarding the truth-warping profit motive, there is still ample evidence to heed this ‘constitution hanging by a thread’ notion. Accordingly, the people are restless.

He suggests an Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments. The Constitution specifically allows this. Read the whole article for full details on how this can done.

On Glenn Beck’s popularity

Maybe the left should be asking why Glenn Beck’s message resonates with many rather than trying to bash him as extremist and his followers as unwashed trailer trash. (Hint: If you call someone a racist yahoo, chances are you won’t convert him to your side.)

Clearly what Glenn Beck says strikes a chord with many while the left lately can’t even seem to find the piano.

There’s no reason the left can’t have media personalities as popular as Beck. Or have interlocking networks of web sites, radio shows, video shows, and social networking like Infowars and others do. This first step in doing this is, I think, to have a clear message and stay with it.

Fools Gold. Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline scheme

Infographic by The Big Picture

Ritholtz explains it in a humongous graphic.(Click to view it full-sized.) Basically, it’s bait and switch. Customers call for bullion and get pushed into collectible gold where the spreads and commissions are much higher (plus collectible gold is much harder to sell. Bullion is easy.) Goldline also charges way for gold coins than do competitors.

Goldline International is under investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office, jointly with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, as well as being the subject of a separate investigation by Congress into the possible criminal practices

Glenn Beck on the cover of Time. A contra-indicator

Stock market pundits often say by the time a financial trend makes it to the cover of major news magazines, it generally signals it is time to go the other way. Thus, if Newsweek has a cover story saying the Bull market is Back, then it’s time to sell and go short.

Therefore, using this often reliable indicator, I predict that Glenn Beck being on the cover of Time this week means he has peaked.