Glenn Beck’s Mormon prophecy of the Constitution hanging by thread

Byron DeLear

Dana Milbank’s article two days ago, “Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck’s Message”, talks about some coded language Beck’s been using–supposedly a prophetic prediction made by the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith.

Hanging by a thread. Sounds like the sign of the times in so many ways. We all know profit-driven ‘news-entertainment’ is dominated by fear and sensationalism, so we should expect an abundance of apocalyptic story telling from pundits like Beck. But even after disregarding the truth-warping profit motive, there is still ample evidence to heed this ‘constitution hanging by a thread’ notion. Accordingly, the people are restless.

He suggests an Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments. The Constitution specifically allows this. Read the whole article for full details on how this can done.

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