Toyota iRoad. Getting home after using public transport


Public transportation is a great idea. Sometimes though, you may live a few miles from the stop. Why drive a car when you can drive an iRoad? This is the niche Toyota wants to fill.

The iRoad is similiar to a motorcycle, offers protection from the elements, and has an electric engine. Plus it could be shared, like in bike sharing programs now. It’s being tested in Toyota City in Japan and soon in France.

Wireless recharging for vehicles in transit in Korea


South Korea has achieved a major breakthrough of wireless recharging electric vehicles while they are moving, eliminating many drawbacks for EVs like charging time and finding recharging stations. Wireless recharging could be a game-changer

The first two OLEV [Online Electric Vehicle] buses are operational this year. At the end of the year, Gumi City plans to start rolling out more, aiming to have ten on the ground and running by 2015.

PG&E plug-in hybrid trucks bring power to work crews, neighborhoods


This is a seriously smart idea. Electric-powered hybrid trucks bring power with them when there’s a power outage. The truck IS the generator.

The purpose of a utility-owned plug-in hybrid truck includes the ability to carry a crew, supplies and tools to a job-site—mostly using electric power rather than gasoline—and then for the truck itself to act as a generator to power the crew’s tools.

If the plug-in hybrid work truck’s generator can deliver 125 kilowatts, the crew could hook it to a grid segment and re-power an entire neighborhood.

VIA Motors introduces it’s game-changing full size electric vehicles at the historic Salt flats powered by new electric technology that provides up to 402 “electric horses” under the hood setting the new standard for trucks and clean transportation