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Cardinal Mahony hid pedo-priests from…

Cardinal Mahony hid pedo-priests from police, L.A. Times

In a front page story Sunday, the L.A. Times details how Cardinal Mahony blocked police inquiries into priest sexual abuse, hid priests in foreign countries, and, in general did whatever he could to keep a media lid on the problem – even when that meant reassigning priests to parishes where they committed the same crimes again.

Faced with allegations that parish priests had sexually abused minors, the Los Angeles Archdiocese under Cardinal Roger M. Mahony for many years withheld information from police and allowed clerics facing prosecution to flee to foreign countries, internal records and interviews show.

Now Mahoney claims to have got religion, as it were, about this, and says he is busily rooting out all such bad apple priests.  Hmmm, and he also hired the same public relations firm that Enron used to help him in this noble battle.  Pardon my skepticism. 

Indictments are expected soon for several priests, and hey, if Mahony withheld evidence and obstructed justice, shouldn’t he be indicted too?

Get your free EV now!

Get your free EV now!

General Motors Corp. will give away thousands of golf cart-like electric vehicles to comply with California regulations forcing automakers to sell pollution-free vehicles, GM officials said this week. 

Over the next three years, GM will give the vehicles to California businesses and charitable organizations so the automaker can earn zero-emission vehicle credits, which are counted toward the state’s goal of getting more environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.

Scientists, Starving Africans Know Something…

Scientists, Starving Africans Know Something We Don’t

When three African nations facing famine reject emergency food shipments due to concerns over genetic engineering, it’s time for Americans to reconsider their own government’s policy toward biotech food.

Many nations ban genetically engineered (GE) crops because they fear unknown risks. But how can countries facing famine spurn donations of biotech food?

Officials in Mozambique and Zambia are apparently willing to risk seeing their people starve rather than allow emergency shipments of engineered corn into their countries.

Camp Ped

Camp Ped

More excellent investigative journalism from New Times L.A. who broke the L.A. pedo-priest story and who have tracked it with bulldog intensity ever since.

Long after Roman Catholic leaders knew pedo-priests couldn’t be cured, Cardinal Roger Mahony kept packing off his worst offenders to a notorious New Mexico rehab center.

And then routinely released them to unsuspecting parishes.  Again and again and again.  More concerned, it appears, with covering up bad publicity for the Church than with making sure the priests didn’t molest children again.  Harsh words?  Yes.  But demonstrably true.

Valley Secession

Valley Secession

Secession Watch
tonight posted its take on a fascinating and revealing profile in the September issue of Los Angeles magazine on Ron Kaye, managing editor of the L.A. Daily News.  Kaye takes pride in inventing and stoking the paper’s tabloid-style crusade on behalf of San Fernando Valley secession, even as he wonders if cityhood would be any improvement and questions if Valley VOTE is too white.  Over Marlboros and martinis with writer Charles Rappleye,  Kaye explains that promoting secession and the paper’s Valley-first credo is an expression of his personal idealism.  

Kaye, described as a reformed radical who left Santa Monica for Van Nuys, insists without irony, “This [the Valley] is the dream of mankind.”  A job applicant, however, says Kaye told her the paper’s ethic was narrow:  “We’re not interested in the problems of the poor people in the San Fernando Valley, we’re interested in the problems of the middle class.”  Secession Watch suggests that Kaye’s and the Daily News’  shrill persona, which makes some minorities in the New Valley uneasy, may prove to be bad for business as the fast-changing Valley becomes ever more like the rest of Los Angeles. 

The Los Angeles magazine issue is on newstands but not yet on-line.
The full Secession Watch item is here