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War on the Right over…

War on the Right over Iraq

The only serious establishment opposition to an Iraq War is coming from within the Republican Party itself, from people like Brent Scowcroft, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissinger.

The conflict is getting angrier and more public every day.

While Democrats lawmakers snooze at their desks, or, like Joe Lieberman, try to out-hawk George Bush, the grey beards of the Republican Party are trying to stop the war from happening.

One more example, it appears, of the widening chasm in the Republican party between social conservatives and business conservatives.

The Simple Simon Follies

The Simple Simon Follies

The saga of Bill Simon, the clueless Republican candidate for California Governor continues.

Price cut on Bush’s fund-raiser for Simon  Ticket sales haven’t heated up, but debate over the reason for the new cheap seats has.

 Meanwhile, the normally restrained George Skelton of the L.A. Times asks,

The question political junkies are asking is: Has there ever been a worse campaign for governor of California than Bill Simon’s? 

Has there ever been a worse candidate? 

That is, a sorrier gubernatorial nominee of either the Republican or Democratic party?  Can’t think of any, is the consensus of political pros I’ve talked to in both parties. Not at this point anyway–this close to Labor Day, the traditional kickoff of the November race.

The Granola Ayatollah of Canola!

The Granola Ayatollah of Canola!

Biodiesel fuel comes from plants like corn or can be reprocessed from used cooking oil.  It’ll run your truck just fine, doesn’t pollute, lubricates the engine better than regular diesel, and freezes at a lower temperature (important for truckers in cold weather).

The Granola Ayatollah of Canola, aka Charris Ford, slides behind the wheel of his 1980 International Scout truck and turns the key. The truck burbles to life and off we go, cruising down the gravel roads that divide the aspen groves of southwestern Colorado’s Horsefly Mesa. It would be just a standard evening joyride, except that Ford’s truck doesn’t run on gasoline. Or diesel. Or electricity, or even the sun. This truck is powered by grease, all of it drained from restaurant deep-fryers in the nearby resort town of Telluride.

Valley / Hollywood secession poll

Valley / Hollywood secession poll

From the LA Times

Valley secession
Citywide:       29% for, 53% against
In the Valley: 52% for, 37% against

Hollywood secession
Citywide:       24% for, 61% against
In Hollywood: 25% for, 59% against

So, while Valley secession barely passes in the Valley, Hollywood secession does not pass even within Hollywood.  And both get stomped citywide.

It appear the secession movements are deader than Bill Simon’s quest to be governor of California.