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When your hopes are washed…

When your hopes are washed away….

Most will say a raindrop, as it sparkles on a leaf while the evening sun sets, is a very beautiful thing, but when billions of those tiny raindrops crash into rivers and force them to rise so high that they leave their natural bed, the situation quickly gets out of hand. I live in Austria and we have seen the first flooding since 1859 in the last couple of days. Is this our fault? Have we manipulated nature once too often or is it simply a contretemps? []

Enthusiasm wanes for the battle…

Enthusiasm wanes for the battle of Dr. Evil and Mini-Me

 With all the nastiness, plot twists and power struggles of the 2002 California gubernatorial race between Gray Davis and Bill Simon, it’s starting to look like a grudge match between two movie villains — say, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. And California voters are increasingly turned off, complaining that a political choice between a megalomaniac and his evil clone is no choice at all.

Tomb curse strikes again

Tomb curse strikes again

A legendary curse that has protected the tomb of Genghis Khan from discovery for 800 years appears to have struck again after a US expedition that claimed to have located the grave abruptly pulled out of Mongolia.  The Genghis Khan geo-historical expedition suddenly ended after a string of “unfortunate accidents”.

A 3km-long wall filled with snakes protects the suspected site of the tomb and workers on the expedition were bitten by the snakes. Then cars rolled off hillsides for no apparent reason.  The final blow came when former Mongolian prime minister Dashiin Byambasuren accused the team of desecrating a sacred site.

The whereabouts of the 13th-century warlord’s remains is one of archeology’s last great mysteries. According to legend, the tomb will never be found.