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*US puts its oil interests…

 US puts its oil interests ahead of human rights

The Bush Administration has thrown its weight behind a global oil corporation in a court battle against human rights claims.  The State Department has asked a federal court to dismiss a human rights lawsuit by Indonesian villagers against Exxon Mobil.  

It claims a trial could harm American economic and political interests in Asia, including the struggle against terrorism.

Wow, I had no idea Exxon Mobil was so crucial to “American economic and political” interests. 

*Dick Armey

Dick Armey
A few weeks ago, House Majority Leader and Texas Republican Dick Armey came out against the noxious spy-on-your-neighbor TIPS program.

Today Armey was quoted as being in favor of lifting the Cuba embargo and  being opposed to an Iraq war.  These are truly strange days, when you have a Democratic Senator, Joe Lieberman, trying to out hawk Bush on Iraq while a powerful Republican acts like Ted Kennedy…

In a vivid sign of waning support for the economic embargo on Cuba, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) said he believes that the United States should open trade with the Communist regime and that he has backed the restrictions on travel and trade only out of loyalty to two Cuban American members of the House.

In the US, the House majority leader and one of Mr Bush’s fellow Texas Republicans, Dick Armey, argued that
Saddam Hussein’s conduct did not constitute provocation, and that a US attack would be a violation of international law

Campaigning for the mid-term elections in Des Moines, Mr Armey said: “If we act against Saddam Hussein, as obnoxious as he is, without proper provocation, we will not have the support of other nation states … it would not be consistent with what we have been as a nation or what we should be as a nation.”

Big box retail stores changing to compete with net retailers

Retail stores are having increasing difficulty competing with Amazon and other net retailers. For example, shoppers can now use smartphone apps can check prices in stores compared to Amazon, then order from Amazon right then if the price is better.

So, to compete, Target is asking suppliers for special products not available elsewhere and for the ability to match the competition’s prices.