Gaza. Whoopee we’re all gonna die

Country Joe at Woodstock

“Well, come all of you big strong men.
Uncle Bibi needs your help again.
He’s got himself a terrible jam.
Way down yonder in Gazaland.”
— apologies to Country Joe and the Fish

Netanhayu says Israel now will have a permanent presence in Gaza. A city of two million. With hundreds of miles of fortified tunnels and a heavily armed insurgency. Good luck with that. And good morning, Vietnam, which is what this song, “Fixing To Die Rag,” was originally about. That’s Country Joe at Woodstock. I was there too.

Yes, I know Hamas are far right thugs who torture and murder LGBTs and festival goers.

No one thought there could ever be peace in Northern Ireland. And then one day there was, because people came together and worked to make it so.

Peace doesn’t mean the ex-combatants have to like each other. It does means they stop killing each other.

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