Moms for Liberties. Hit job against the far right

Moms for Liberties website. Hit job / satire against the far right site.

Moms For Liberties is professionally done hit job on Moms For Liberty by South Park writer Toby Morton. It’s detailed, funny, with links to far-right politician’s websites, except, of course they are hit jobs too. Like He’s fundraising to put DeFascist24 billboards in Florida. Bravo! I just sent him money.

“We are an extremist organization that prides itself on making sure that freedom of speech and choice only applies to those who believe gays are demonic, Hitler actually wasn’t that bad so Jews should stop overreacting, any transgender are considered trash and need to be disposed of, current teachers in this society should be under the control of fascists who know better, and that any teachers who disobey deserve to be handled by any means necessary and this includes physical control.”

“Help us. These bitches are insane.”
Children of Moms For Liberty

DeFascist24 for president billboard. Funding now.

More. Their leader!

Tiffany Justice. Co-founder of Moms for Liberties. Biting satire.

Project Fascism!

Moms for Liberties Project Fascism!

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