Kennedy family mystique?

It’s way past time to call bullshit on the Kennedy family mystique.

Joe Kennedy was a straight-up gangster criminal, according to this book on Vegas.

Harry Truman said Joe Kennedy “was as big a crook as we’ve got anywhere in this country,” and did business with and was friends of Vegas mobsters.

The Money and the Power is the most comprehensive look yet at Las Vegas and its breadth of influence. Based on five years of intensive research and interviewing, Sally Denton and Roger Morris reveal the city’s historic network of links to Wall Street, international drug traffickers, and the CIA. In doing so, they expose the disturbing connections amongst politicians, businessmen, and the criminals that harness these illegal activities. Through this lucid and gripping indictment of Las Vegas, Morris and Denton uncover a national ethic of exploitation, violence, and greed, and provide a provocative reinterpretation of twentieth-century American history.

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