Iowa and Texas are leaders in wind energy

Wind energy by state.

Iowa now gets 57% of its electricity from in-state wind energy, and it does this consistently. Texas produces way more megawatts of wind energy than other states. No other state is even close. Yes, I know, this is completely the opposite of what most people think. But hey, there’s plentiful flat land and wind in those states. So, it makes economic sense too. Graphic from

Iowa is a national leader in wind energy, producing the highest percentage of electricity produced by wind – over 57 percent (2022) – of any state. Iowa is the first state to generate more than 57 percent of its electricity with wind power. Iowa also ranks second nationally in the amount of wind energy installed with 12,219 MW (2021).

The following charts from ChosenEnergy have the data.

Top 5 states generating the highest percentage of wind energy

State % from wind
Iowa 54.2
South Dakota 53.3
Kansas 39.4
Oklahoma 36.1
North Dakota 34.3

Top 5 states generating electricity from wind energy

State September generation, % of U.S. total
Texas 6,340 23.5
Iowa 2,960 11.0
Oklahoma 2,426 9.0
Kansas 2,128 7.9
Illinois 1,271 4.7

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