Crunchy to far-right recruiting

If it’s anything like little Marxist parties in the US, crunchy to far-right recruiting is done through front groups and is quite deliberate and organized. Starts out doing your research on organic food, then proceeds through anti-vax to purity to belligerent mistrust of the government and science to white supremacism.

No, of course all crunchies are not this way. But some absolutely are.

The intersection between wellness influencer culture and the dark conspiracies of QAnon has chillingly emerged as the new place where the left meets the right. During the pandemic, these seemingly strange bedfellows have been linked by their shared distrust of centralized authority and an insistence that they’re “just asking questions.”

The Anti-Vax Movement’s Radical Shift From Crunchy Granola Purists to Far-Right Crusaders

Limaye worries that the cross-pollination between the anti-vax community and far-right groups could eventually cause an epidemic of vaccine skepticism.

Written in 2020, that is exactly what happened. Some anti-vax crunchies do indeed go far-right.

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