Cosplay socialist parties not opposing authoritarian right

Join me on a journey to the cosplay socialist parties in the US. Surely, they will be opposing the authoritarian right loudly and strongly. Oh gosh, silly you, of course they aren’t. They’re much too busy fund-raising and recycling Pride and The Revolution Is Imminent articles.

The cosplay socialists at DSA want you to Win Merch by dialing for new members. What a fun new twist. Maybe they could start a MLM!

In a time when there is a war in Ukraine, climate change is threatening, and right-wing authoritarianism at home must be confronted, the tankie dipshit cultists at PSL want to focus on the National Question. Right.

The Revolutionary Communist Party starts out with a popup to fundraise for the “ACTUAL revolution”, the one their cult leader Bob Avakian has been wheezing about for decades, and which only he can lead.

Workers World does cut-and-paste from previous Stonewall articles and of course says some Ukraine fighters are Nazis. They are completely and tediously predictable, haven’t changed in 60 years.

None of these cosplay socialist parties even slightly concerned about opposing the far right. Why do you suppose that is?

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