Survivors Guide to Prison. Danny Trejo, RZA, Tom Morello, more.

Survivor's Guide To Prison

Danny Trejo spent eleven years in prison before getting clean and becoming an actor. Survivors Guide To Prison is hard to watch because it shows sometimes innocent people getting ground up by a legal and prison system that doesn’t care about justice. Prosecutor and police misconduct are common. Our prisons have very high recidivism rates. Most of all, our prisons are deliberately violent hellholes that focus on punishment only and not rehab or providing resources to inmates so they don’t come back.

The US has a far higher percentage of people in prison than other countries. Sentences are much harsher too. Most trials end with plea bargains. Just because someone took a plea bargain doesn’t mean they are guilty. It can mean they knew they’d be convicted of far more serious charges if they didn’t.


There’s lots of hard-won wisdom in Survivors Guide To Prison too. Never give any information to a cop unless you have a lawyer present. Anything you say absolutely can and will be used against you. They are permitted to lie to you. Ask if you are being detained. If the answer is no, leave immediately. Be polite not confrontational.

If arrested, get bailed out as fast as possible. You don’t want to be in county awaiting trial. Those wearing prison orange to a trial have much higher conviction rates. Get a good lawyer even if it is expensive. Or a public defender with lots of experience (if you can.) Your lawyer is who can keep you out of prison.

While in custody keep your mouth shut and don’t trust anyone.


“Today, you’re more likely to go to prison in the United States than anywhere else in the world. So in the unfortunate case it should happen to you – this is the Survivors Guide to Prison. with gripping commentary from inmates, officials, attorneys, celebrity activists, and more.”

You can watch Survivors Guide To Prison for free on Amazon Prime

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