Leave Gamestop trading to professionals now

Gamstop option chain. 1/29/21

Gamestop options chain. Completely insane. I’ll try to decipher this to non-traders.This chain closes today at market close.

Look at strike price 290. If Gamestop closes above 290 today, it makes a profit. If it closes below, the option expires worthless.The bid for the 290 strike price is 35.30 and the ask is 39.20. Multiply by 100 to get actual price. So, you can buy one option for $3,920 and sell it for $3,530. This is a huge spread for an option expiring today. Normally the price would be a few points and the spread tiny.

Then look at last trade, which was 43.47. There’s no guarantee you will get anything near the current bid and ask. The stock is skittering all over.

Leave trading GME to hardened professionals. Anyone else will probably get slaughtered. Unless they bought a long time ago.

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