H&R Block planning for more virtual tax returns this tax season

H&R Block virtual returns

I prepare taxes at H&R Block. Because of Covid, many taxpayers will prefer to do their taxes completely online this coming tax season. So, Block is making it even easier to do virtual tax returns starting in January.

The key for doing virtual tax returns is the free MyBlock account and app. Once you have the account and app, just upload tax documents to it. It’s generally easy to get tax documents in PDF form. Or to scan them to a PDF (The iPhone Notes app will do this) then upload.

If you aren’t sure how to upload or scan, every Block office will have a scanner at the front desk. Bring the docs in. The front desk scans them. Or just drop off the docs. You’re done in five minutes.

Contact between the Tax Pro and the client will be done by phone call, video chat, and encrypted message.

Just about everything a Tax Pro can do with a client in the office can be done virtually. This includes preparing, signing, paying for and efiling the return. Also, clients can apply virtually for an Emerald Card (a debit card.) They can get an advance on their refund onto the card and pay tax prep costs from their expected refund too. They now can also create a virtual Emerald Card in the MyBlock app, and then link it to Apple and Google Pay. Small Business and amended returns going back to 2018 can be done virtually now too.

Covid is accelerating the trend to doing everything online. After Covid is over, we aren’t going back to the old ways. That includes tax preparation.

Let me know if I can help with your taxes.

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